Sod & Seed Installation

Does your lawn need repair? Here at Artistic Design Landscapes, we are well versed in seeding and sod installation. Whether you are in need of traditional overseeding and core aeration to help your lawn fill in property or you are in need of a total makeover, with killing your existing lawn, grading and laying sod or maybe you have a new construction property and are in need of establishing a new lawn, we have the solutions for you. We use only the highest grade weed-free turf-type tall fescue certified seed (Bermuda, Bluegrass and Buffalo grass are also available) and NC-certified weed-free tall fescue sod.

Erosion Control – Planting specific types of grass can help with the erosion of soil. We have the ability to hydroseed a steep bank or lay seed impregnated geo mat down to control erosion while your seed is being established. Contact us for further details.

Here is a glimpse into our sod preparation, installation, and seeding services a few of the projects that we have handled. We provide complete seeding and sod installation services that can bring new life to your lawn. Whatever your lawn goals, we have the ideal solutions for you. From choosing the right sod to evaluating the soil, water, and light conditions, we take care of everything. We work with turf-type fescue certified and NC-certified tall sod and other options. All our products are weed-free.

Our crew will remove the existing grass and start from scratch to create your new and healthy lawn. We will take your budget too into account to help you make the right choice between seed and sod. If you want to start from scratch, sod is going to cost you more. Plugs and seeds can be more affordable options. However, you should be ready to have bare soil for some amount of time.

For more information, call Artistic Design Landscapes at 828-455-9471 or write to us using this Online Form.
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