Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

Landscape Lighting Landscape Lighting / Outdoor illumination creates a very unique aesthetic dimension to your property and brings new life to your landscape at night, however, not only does landscape lighting add value to your real estate, the safety and security for you, your guests and your property that comes when your lighting system is designed and installed properly is invaluable. Most crime prevention police officers will tell you that an alarm system is only good if someone breaks into your home, but a well-lit exterior should keep them from even attempting.

Our landscape lighting systems are professionally designed to maximize both the aesthetic value and security of your home / business. Our systems utilize only the best-in-class Vista components. All Vista transformers come with a lifetime warranty, the fixtures come with a 9-year warranty and we offer a 2-year warranty on all labor and wire connections with a lighting system.

Lighting components include:

  • Path Lighting: Low-level illumination for walkways, steps, driveways and other pedestrian areas.

  • Uplighting: Casts beautiful silhouettes of trees and other landscape features onto your home / business as well as illuminating unique features of your home such as gables and soffits, stone and brick accents.

  • Down Lighting: Casts light onto walkways, driveways and foliage as well as silhouettes of trees and other landscape features onto the ground providing additional interest to your lighting project.

  • Back Lighting: Adds soft light to the background of your garden, landscape and features of your home / business.

  • Water Lighting: Adds lighting to your water feature or display.

  • Holiday Lighting: With a landscape lighting system, you can easily provide holiday lighting by simply placing a colored lens over your existing fixtures providing a very elegant touch to your Christmas lighting.

  • Lighting Maintenance: Remove the need to replace light bulbs and adjust lights, we will gladly come out once a year and change all bulbs and check fixture adjustment for you.

***Contact Artistic Design Landscapes today for your free home lighting demonstration (done after dark). It only takes us a couple of hours to set up and it allows you to see the value of lighting and understand exactly what your system would look like prior to being installed***

We take pride in providing customized, low-voltage landscape lighting solutions to homes and businesses in the region. We know the art of transforming your landscape and property during the nighttime with our lighting solutions. This photo gallery is a splendid example of what we can achieve using the latest in low-voltage and LED lighting. You may want to upgrade or expand your existing lighting system, install new lighting from the ground up, or embrace LED lighting, we can help you take the right step.

We are a full-service landscaping company. So, our primary focus is on developing solutions that meet your unique needs. You may want to create a soothing and inviting atmosphere for your guests or illuminate the landscape and your house. Whatever your goals, we will design outdoor lighting that perfectly meets your needs and matches your lifestyle and personal style. From spotlighting for plants, trees, and architectural features to pathway lighting to water lighting, we can create any kind of lighting effect.

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