Professional Landscaping Services in Hickory, NC

Landscaping Services, Hickory, NC Homeowners who like to keep their gardens in a good shape and maintain a nice curb appeal tend to hire established professionals. In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for professional landscaping services. After all, individuals who have experience in designing and installing landscape features can deliver the best results.

In case you are looking for such landscaping services, Artistic Design Landscapes happens to be one of the top landscaping companies in Hickory, NC. Our experts can provide you with excellent services, helping you build your dream garden. There are a variety of landscaping services that you could hire to give your garden a new look.

Retaining Walls

The importance of a retaining wall (www.artisticdesignlandscapes.com/services/retaining-walls) goes beyond its functional value. While the key purpose of these walls is to hold soil in place, retaining walls are also an important landscaping element. They shape the looks of your garden to a great extent, helping to build a contrast between landscaping and hardscaping. A good retaining wall should be durable enough to hold up the weight of the soil even during heavy rain or other severe weather conditions.

We can build you a retaining wall that would not only last long, but also enhance the looks of your landscaped garden. The walls are highly customizable, and our team can choose a suitable design for your property.

Sod & Seed Installation

One of the most alluring parts of a landscaped garden is a smooth lawn full of lush green grass. A good lawn is not only visually appealing in nature, but also offers a great recreational space. Now, there are two ways to go about it. You could either choose to lay sod or plant the seeds and let the grass grows naturally from scratch.

Both seeding and sod installation (www.artisticdesignlandscapes.com/services/sod-seed-installation) have their advantages. While sodding delivers instant results, grass seeding offers more options to choose from. Either way, a professional landscaping company can provide you with both the services. One of the key perks of involving experienced professionals for sodding and seeding is that they would help you choose the right type of grass based on the soil type and climatic conditions.

Water Features

A beautiful water feature can be a stunning addition to a landscaped garden. A pond, fountain or similar feature would give your garden a whole new look, in addition to enhancing the refreshing ambience. While installing a water feature, you can greatly customize your options. For instance, you could choose to install a small pond or a network of multiple water features.

The extensive customizability of water features (www.artisticdesignlandscapes.com/services/water-features) enables one to easily pick something that suits the landscape well. Our experts have plenty of experience in building personalized water features for our clients. With the right water features, your garden would be an amazing place to relax and rejuvenate.

Why Should You Choose Us?

With various landscaping companies offering their services in the region, it is natural to wonder why you should choose to hire us. Well, we stand out from the rest due to several reasons, which make us your best option.

  • Flexibility: We offer our customers an impressive range of landscaping products and services, thus being extremely flexible. We try our best to meet our customers’ needs to the fullest.
  • Professional expertise: Our team consists of professionals who have been landscaping for several years. Their expertise allows them to deliver their services flawlessly.
  • Creativity: We understand that our clients would like their gardens to be unique. Hence, we come up with creative landscaping solutions that would make the gardens stand out.

Our landscaping services at Hickory, NC, are essentially quite reliable and the rates we charge are quite reasonable. You may get in touch with Artistic Design Landscapes by giving us a call at 828-455-9471 or filling up this form.